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During the last 80 years, much has changed in the way hens are housed, but one thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to the well-being of our flocks. Today, we are combining the best of all concepts by providing our hens an environment in which they can exhibit their natural behaviors while continuing to ensure the highest levels of food safety and production efficiencies. Quality, efficiency, food safety, and animal welfare are all at the center of our cage-free system, The Good Egg Coop©.

An efficient and sustainable egg production model, The Good Egg Coop© goes beyond traditional cage-free housing systems while allowing us to be efficient in producing

high-quality eggs.

Our hens have room to do what chickens do: preen and perch with ample room to run, fly, spread their wings and lay their eggs in private nesting areas. Our innovative design provides fresh air, improving the environment even further.

The Good Egg Coop's© unique design eliminates food safety issues with floor laid eggs, so unlike most aviary cage-free systems where the hens are confined for certain periods of the day, our hens have 24 hour access to roam the system; a truly cage free experience!

Bark-like gripping surfaces on hopping perches and an innovative approach to perches and ramps at staggered heights provide a more natural environment for hens to hop or fly. Our hens are provided private nesting boxes to lay their eggs, fresh litter to dust bathe, scratch, and peck, and fresh air & light with our special open-end barn design.

Our hens are also fed a patented, vegetarian feed mixture with no added hormones or antibiotics.* This feed mix produces and egg that is an excellent source of Vitamin E and a good source of protein.

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry.

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