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At Rose Acre Farms, we value our environment and seek to be the best possible stewards of our resources, both for our benefit and for future generations. In addition to energy conservation and recycling efforts, we've also developed programs designed to promote long-term environmental sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of egg production.


Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We pay premium prices to purchase feed grain from local farmers in order to reduce our carbon footprint by removing the need to transport the grain. Many of our energy conservation programs are also designed to reduce the carbon footprint of our organization. 

Promoting Energy Conservation

We study energy use at each of our facilities and continue to look for ways to reduce energy consumption without compromising our standards for egg production, bird health and employee work environment. 

Reducing Waste

Our technical service group continuously monitors and modifies the diets we feed our hens in order to minimize unused or indigestible nutrients. Waste that is generated in our egg production is either recycled or reused whenever possible.

Promoting Clean Air and Water

We construct and maintain wetlands on some of our properties to foster natural water purification.

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